Tips to Use our Umbrella Designer

Using our easy-to-use online umbrella designer, to design your own umbrella online, where you can add your own personal photos and any heartfelt messages to give to friends and family as a personalized gift.

1. for best printing quality, there are some requirements about the image(s).

  • if one image cover whole umbrella, resolution of the image needed to be 4000 x 4000 (pixel).
  • if a small image printed on one canopy, over 10 small images printed on the umbrella, there is no limitation to the resolution of the image, you can use image(s) from social media platforms, as long as the image clear enough, will be fine.
  • if a medium image to be cover a whole canopy, for example use 8 images printed on 8 canopies, resolution of the image needed to be 1000 x 1500 (pixel).

2. normally the printing colour of the photo will be darker than you can see in the monitor, but please understand that, every monitor is in different colour.

3. Some bright color in the monitor, can’t print exactly the same, when using CMYK, if printing color is very important to you, please contact us for advise.

4. File Format: JPG, PNG and SVG, max. file size 10MB.

5. You can upload the files on your computer’s hard drive, mobile phone, digital camera or any removable storage devices.

6. We suggest you to register and create an account in our website first, after registration, you can save your design, and get your design back at anytime

7. Click on the center of the umbrella to choose the printing color of your umbrella, if you are going to use one image to cover the whole umbrella, you can choose not to do this step (we will directly print your image, will not print a color at back and then print your image).

8. Click  to upload your own photo.

9. Click  to add text to your design.

10. You can download your umbrella’s design.

11. You can share your design to your friends via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…etc)

12. After finished your design, you can click “Add to Cart” button at middle of the page, to process buying process.